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Jayson Flores

I'm a freelance writer.

Founder and Editor of Gay On A Budget (gayonabudget.com).

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Xxx d innocence buffy list 28 tv article

5 ways college is just like 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

Going to college in today’s competitive and fast-paced society can feel a lot like taking on the world… the demon world to be specific.

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Effects of sleep deprivation equal to binge drinking or marijuana use, study shows

According to a small study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the effects of poor sleep can result in academic failures — poor grades, withdrawal from class, etc. — equal to that of students who binge drink or use marijuana.

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9 style sites for perfect back-to-school fits and fashions

It’s never too early to start planning your wardrobe when classes start back up.

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Viewpoint: College students do NOT need a class in dating

The Atlantic ran an opinion piece Wednesday (July 2) entitled, “Why College Students Need A Class in Dating.” While it’s normal for older generations to complain about younger generations, it is surprising to see these types of thoughts being expressed.

Open uri20140630 27082 19gdyjh article

The latest and greatest college luxury: Loaner puppies

Animal lovers, prepare to be jealous. While typical perks at a college or university include free laundry, on-campus gyms and constant campus security, some schools (read: more prestigious schools) have gone far outside of the box.

Open uri20140712 12283 ol1vpq article

Students test gender norms with hair-raising experiments

A gender studies professor at Arizona State University has taken extra credit far outside the box.

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4 clothing stores that deliver deals and style

Fashion doesn't always have to break the bank.

Open uri20140703 12245 zii742 article

Are you smarter than a preschooler?

There’s one group that may have the real ‘gift of the gadget’ and it’s probably the last age group one would ever suspect — preschoolers.

Open uri20140531 2472 1d6erzf article

5 great writing portfolios sites that will get your work noticed

For students in communications, journalism or writing it is crucial to be able to show off your work in one attractive (and concise) place.

Open uri20140523 23961 prdd30 article

Duke porn star media frenzy continues

From the looks of her recent appearance on HuffPost Live, Belle Knox, the freshman at Duke University who has become known as the “Duke Porn Star,” is bracing for a continued media storm.

Open uri20140523 23961 1js6pjv article

5 publications perfect for college writers

Instead of worrying about graduation and living in fear of staying unemployed, funnel all of your energy into getting some impressive clips from these five publications.

Open uri20140523 23961 15b232d article

UCLA Law students move to improve campus culture after racist incident

A racial incident is very much on the minds of students at the UCLA School of Law. An aggressive reaction to a student-produced video, called “33”, which challenged the school’s lack of people of color, is at the center of the controversy.

Open uri20140523 23961 1d7dwo0 article

University of Mississippi latest to suspend fraternity for racist act

Fraternities, by inception, are intended as sources of brotherhood, unity and service to others. However, throughout the years fraternities have made the news for a radically different reason - racism.

Rainbow article

Opinion: My fight against homonormativity

One's student's take on homonormativity and its manifestations in today's society....