Jayson Flores

Jayson Flores

I'm a freelance writer.

Founder and Editor of Gay On A Budget (gayonabudget.com).

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Campus Philly

It's Never Too Late:Finding Summer Internships | Campus Philly

Still haven’t found that perfect summer internship or job? No worries. Campus Philly has some great tips for your search.

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Campus Philly

Arcadia Student Talks About Magazine Internship

Arcadia University student Amanda Wyszynski shares her experience as an editorial intern for Philadelphia magazine.

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Campus Philly

The Best of Outdoor Philly: Jayson’s Picks

Jayson Flores, one of our editorial interns, highlights his favorite outdoor spots in Philadelphia.

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Campus Philly

Intern Success at the Philadelphia Museum of Art | Campus Philly

Get inspired by the success story of PMA employee and former intern Amanda Komarnicki.

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Campus Philly

A Day in Philadelphia: The Starving Artist

Are you looking to enjoy the art scene in Philadelphia, but also keep your stomach full with some of the best food Philadelphia has to offer? Look no further. This guide will help all the (literally) starving artists types who want a day of great art and great food.

Open uri20140531 27851 dyoe5s article
Campus Philly

The Philadelphia Prominent: CityCoHo | Campus Philly

Get the insider scoop on The Sustainability NEXUS and CityCoHo, Philly's first coworking space focused on sustainability.

Open uri20140523 23961 16q5o0g article
Campus Philly

A Day in Philadelphia: The Style-Conscious Thrifter Edition

Our guide to a day of thrifting in Philly, plus delicious sushi. What more could you ask for?

Open uri20140531 27851 aupq8x article
Campus Philly

The Philadelphia Prominent: For the Love of Law | Campus Philly

Lydia Wiley, an accomplished managing attorney in Philadelphia, shares her story of success in a field often dominated by men.

Open uri20140523 23961 3j05vv article
Campus Philly

The Philadelphia Prominent:How to Succeed in Business

Danielle Bartholomew shares her thoughts and tips on success in college, experiences abroad, and business skills.

Open uri20140523 23961 188kivj article
Campus Philly

The Philadelphia Prominent: Streets Dept

Photographer and blogger Conrad Benner of “Streets Dept” talks about Philadelphia, art, success, and passion.

Open uri20140531 2472 o444md article
Campus Philly

The Philadelphia Prominent: Sweet Success

Recently featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sweet Note Bakery’s 19-year old President of Marketing and Sales explains her story of success, inspiration, and hard work.